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"QuizzPoint solved a big problem for us"

  Cecilia C. - Hyundai Canada


"I love the interface. I currently use it in my school

and cannot live without it."

   Darrin S.- St. Paul's School, Canada


"This is so easy to use ... but very powerful"

   Dwight S. -  Genesh Inc.

                       Major U.S. Burger King franchisor

"The tool is rich with lots of options.

Most helpful was the support that came with it."

    Dawit E.- Niagara College, Canada


I really enjoy using QuizzPoint. It has been instrumental in helping me to

refine the curriculum.

The primary mission of Quizzpoint may be to assess students' learning.

However, I have found it as an effective tool to analyze my teaching effectiveness."

    Darin G.- Viterbi School of Engineering

    University of Southern California

1920 Yonge Street • Toronto • Canada

1 800 910 4530

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