Find out what your people know... and DON'T know.


A Partial feature list

 √ Seamlessly integrate to your site / intranet.

 √ Re-brand with your logo and color scheme.

 √ Deliver your own material from anywhere.

 √ Random delivery of questions and responses.

 √ Set a time limit for participants to complete a test.

 √ Set the number of test attempts.

 √ Unlimited tests and questions.

 √ Multiple administrators per account.

 √ 2 levels of administration.

 √ Add graphics to tests. (jpg, png, gif)

 √ Multilingual ready.

 √ Export all data.

 √ Set pretest and post-test messages for participants.

 √ Preview tests as participants will see them before they go online.

 √ Shows first and last score on each test so you can monitor progress.

 √ Options for displaying results to participants.

 √ Drill down to see group performance by question and selected responses.

 √ Powerful filters to quickly find participants by name, group or performance.

 √ Print or Export data to Word, Excel, Powerpoint or another database.

 √ Create groups to easily target content and tests to specific participants.

 √ Add / delete participants as needed.

 √ Communication module to easily send messages groups / individuals

 √ Built in contextual HELP popups, tooltips and video tutorials.

 √ Participants can Self Register and Self Enroll freeing up admin time

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