To Employee Develop, Or Not To Employee Develop

Is it better to invest in employee development or just steal talent from within your industry? Spending the time and money to engage in employee development is significant…”Finding, recruiting or pitching human resource talent might be less costly” seems to be an attitude taken my some organizations… It seems to be too common a theme on many levels, what you aren’t prepared to do for yourself… better to steal. Am I being too harsh? I’m not so sure.

Training and employee development is not an overnight, one month, one quarter or even one-year engagement if serious commitment is being given to the process. Organizations can often identify weaknesses but don’t have the energy to direct to what could be simple knowledge transfer and not process or method changes. The skills often reside in the organization, just not a program to share, train and develop others. Enabling and aiding firms to do this has been our history, which included undertaking course development and training so let me now comment on that aspect.

Hiring outside training and employee development professionals/firms requires a great deal of work. One must be certain they grasp your goals and can do an adequate assessment of your human capital to understand where the knowledge gaps are. They must understand the organizational culture, focus and direction… and this is NOT gleaned from a meeting or two. Once an individual or training company is selected… like any good coach they require the time, a term of engagement, to assist them to make the connections necessary to win trust and create results.

If you choose to have adept internal specialists, motivated managers or industry leaders that are present in your firm engage in ongoing training (an excellent model in my view) you need to make a significant investment, both time and resources to support the individual. Then you must afford that person the correct time and budget required to accomplish the objectives.

When you lose a person, you lose momentum. Sometimes breaking the tie is better because what looked to be a good match, simply did not pan out, on one or both sides. It is in fact a relationship and we have all had our share of both good and bad. We realize that bad ones need to end. But in an organization it is far more complicated, therefore important to understand if lack of training is a part of the mismatch.

Employee development is a more productive solution. Employee development requires planning and commitment… but it is the best defense against inefficiencies and employee retention problems. Your people already have knowledge of the industry, your organization, your culture and your goals. You know them, strengths and weaknesses. An industry superstar you have recruited away from somewhere comes in with only one of those things… has usually been overpaid to jump ship to join you and may bring a superstar attitude, that you have reinforced by seducing them.

I suggest it actually isn’t cheaper to steal anything… there are always hidden costs and consequences and this is just as true with people. If you have a program for ongoing employee development, you are most likely in the best position for long term and sustainable success.

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