Employee Development – Taking Your Team to the Next Level

With technology leveling the competitive landscape between organizations, human capital is becoming the key differentiator determining success. So organizations need to be focused on employee development more than ever. It is a critical investment that does not get enough attention by executive management groups far too often tunnel visioned on this quarter’s financial results.

In his May 20th blog, Tien Anh Nguyen, points out (paraphrased) ‘…constant renewal of skills & abilities… are the hallmarks of fast growing… companies.’ (full article link)

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The cost of employee replacement is by far vastly underrated. Proper recruiting should deliver the proper abilities and skills sets for the designated role. Every good recruiter looks for the ‘stretch’ value of an individual, which is to say how much growth and development range is in this individual.

It is then the responsibility of the organization to assist in that development. Organizations know best what is needed within their team in order to achieve their targets… so more and more they are taking hands on control over employee development. How many sports organizations farm out team practices to outside people? Managers and team leaders must take on training as part of their annual business plans and incorporate its execution.

Some organizations look to sports teams as examples of how to address success. What do all sports teams do, and do all season long… practice. Practice is continued training and reinforcement of existing knowledge and skills. Yet this is the sport example not fully recognized in business.

All individuals in business organizations wish to grow their skills and advance their careers, however part of this process needs to include keeping daily skills and focus honed. What we refer to as being ‘Performance Readiness’.

Because a task is or appears simple should not have its importance overlooked. Telephone customer service is a prime example to a very important and valuable component of business that we all interact with… How quickly it is apparent to us when we get on the line with a great customer service person and what it means to us and to our brand loyalty.

Tien has coined an interesting term… ‘glue’ individuals. I think we can all recognize what is meant by this term and the value of having such individuals. It says to me… future leader. The training and development process, done first hand and in house will identify who and how employees will support the organization and its future requirements.

Investing in employee development signals your commitment to your team and support for them reaching their full potential. A key component to this process is self-evaluation and it must be incorporated into the process to turn ownership and responsibility for growth to the individual. It should be an integral part of the tools used and the methods engaged.

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