Leadership – Develops Leadership

       With the advancement of social media and the greater and greater numbers of people being connected, how is leadership being affected? And is being an influencer being a leader? No!

         Influencing is ideal for social media. The two were made for each other… interpersonal communication of ideas, opinions and shared information. It has become a series of quick… in a world seeking quick… Quick food, quick news, quick arrangements, quick delivery… But how about quick answers? Not so much.

         The pursuit of advanced thinking and hunt for new ideas is necessary and laudable. It takes effort and a touch of magic I have discerned from those I have engaged with and respect to share discussions on innovation, imagination and creativity. Paraphrasing a famous Ad man; ‘Great advertising is 50% process and 50% magic… and great advertisers think they know which is which…’ We build and support universities to engage in the industry of ideas. And so we should, so we must. It is after all our thoughts that make us unique on the planet.

         In a free and open society everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but every opinion is not equal. Not every opinion is considered, researched, crafted, articulated. Many are, like social media itself… just quick. They are many times blasts of emotion and knee jerk reaction. Off the top of the head blusters of …. ‘opps, how do I delete that’s’.

         Leadership requires execution. Have you ever heard someone say ‘I have this great idea for a (movie, book, series, product, etc…)! Any true leader will tell you that idea and remark is only the jump off point if in fact the idea is worthwhile; worthy of the cost of pursuit.  Because it is the pursuit where leadership comes in.

         Execution is the difference between a good idea and a finished result. I have never come across a good idea that did not require good execution to bring it to life. Good execution is not quick. It requires a vast investment of hard work, working capital, efficient organization and processes and finally the oversight of leadership. 

         Organizations with effective leadership have leadership layered through their structure. They develop leadership. They provide the methods and process for teams and departments to develop, add knowledge and master understanding.

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