Captain! Data Iceberg Ahead

YouTube has changed the global communication landscape. It is now the global public broadcaster. The site has become the personal broadcast network to every individual with internet access and a modest amount of abilities. Whether YouTube can sustain this going forward as it currently is supported and monetized is we think an interesting but separate question. Not to mention the issue of some unhappy person or organization (militant, political, terrorist, chaos champion or misguided mischief maker) attacking the site because they take offense to a particular piece of work that has been posted. Yet, since using it is open to almost everyone, perhaps it is safe from such consideration.

The point I wish to focus upon is now everyone can pitch, explain, argue, demonstrate or soap box their ideas, product, philosophy or etc… A personal brand can be established, promoted and networked by the growing galaxy of social media tools and sites. Everyone has an opinion and now every opinion can have a home, can have a platform and can build an audience. 

However all opinions are not created equal. And just because someone else agrees does not make a view truer or less true. Because we have found a blogger(s) we really like might be because they share our perspective or bias and not that they have presented a well-rounded analysis. Nothing sounds more intelligent to me, than someone who sounds like me….

But is that what is really needed to develop and grow as a person, an organization, a culture or as a nation. It might be considered the statement ‘Buyer beware’ is more relevant than ever. Let me suggest it is possible the increased access to information has in fact made us less able to digest what we need. Now we must develop the ability to sort through the noise and shear volume of data that has now been created to get to the facts we need to make good decisions. There are after all three things our minds take in at one time; the event, the perception of the event and the opinion of the event.

The benefit the internet and social media have is the instant access to information and data. At the end of the day education requires the appropriate amount of time and effort to achieve. And that has not changed, just the format. The individual must still sort, analyze and digest or disregard.

We would love to hear your thoughts or provide further views.

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