The Cloud, what if it Rains?

Once upon a time, we used software like it was a music album.

What store can I buy your software at? Do you sell from your website? Will you ship it to my location? Who pays for shipping? What if it gets lost? Can I download it instead, without viruses? What is your return policy?

Boy, the good old days…

Today, we have The Cloud…  

Yeah, but what is that,,,, exactly?

How does it work? Will it break? What country is it in? Or is it on the Mother Ship? What is the return policy?   Well Ollie, this is another fine mess you have got us in… ! (dated reference from BW movie buff)

We all know the world continues changing. Change has become the only constant. We at QuizzPoint said… adapted or perish. So in a world of change how to deliver our software to the waiting world in the most effective and user convenient manner.

The best way to cover the world, join the clouds… since they already cover it. In the world of software this comparison is very close to the truth. The world is already covered with a cloud, the internet; one big cloud… it envelops the planet reaching almost every point.

“You have a great tool we could really use to help our organization, but you won’t sell it to me… I have to rent it”, says a Customer.

“What is all this about…?”

Think of leasing and not buying your auto. Think of renting instead of buying a house. Think of using web radio instead of buying CD’s. Think of living together before you decide to get married. (Okay, that last one might be a touchy example… but perhaps expresses it the clearest. Just maybe, you don’t get married… you find something better…!) 

The examples are general but from them you can get the concept. Don’t use your equipment to run software, use ours. Well in our case (QuizzPoint) the equipment of our software hosting partner, who has 100 times the resources, flexibility, backed up and resources for hiccups to be treated instantly than with using our own servers. (There were two by the way, but businesses like Amazon, GoDaddy, IBM, Miscrosoft and other such host businesses, large to mid-sized are out there waiting to help). Back when we first did this, explaining to users they couldn’t have our product, they could just use it… well a great deal of time was spent explaining to customers the why’s and wherefores’. Thanks to the Cloud this concept is now almost universally understood and accepted. Say ‘YouTube’ and people start to grasp what is going on.

Consider this great feature of using Cloud tools (software applications on someone else’s equipment), you are always using the latest version. That’s right, no waiting… when the software company makes an improvement… you’re using it next day, heck the same day.

To speed our service to customers, we operate in real time, anywhere in the world from desktop, laptop or tablet, thanks to the Cloud, which going back to the start of this blog… would be a great handle for a band!

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