Employee Development As The Constant

The Future requires training and let’s be frank and candid, the future is here. At a recent company meeting I offered the following remark, ‘Change is now the only Constant.’ Our discussion proceeded on how we as a company and as individuals cope with this new reality.

Personally speaking more and more of my day is consumed in reading just in order to keep up. The downside of living in the most dynamic time in the planet’s history is dealing with the acceleration of innovation… of change. When the excitement subsides for a moment I sometimes find myself… exhausted. Yet I am charged to push forward again after a short bout of nonsensical television or crashed online video clips.               

Companies today are doing more with less. Sounds like a great verification of a strategic and innovative business initiative, and might be. But more likely it is the driving need to keep up with global competition on every front while as the same global marketplace is driving costs down at increasing rates. Lean is one thing, but I look around at my peers and their organizations and see anorexia!

The issue of monetizing business efforts to the levels needed to be self-sustaining may well be the greatest business challenge of the very and not too distant future. So, how do businesses cope? One clear way is to make sure those resources that arm the store and the competitive battlefield of business are equipped and trained.

Training will become an essential and everyday business activity. Our staff, those resources vital to keeping our business relative must be kept fully aware of policies, practices, procedures and initiatives to support our customers. It is not only necessary to provide training and information but to discover in real time if those steps are attaining the desired results.

As trainers, educators, leaders we need to know in real time if our message is being understood! We need to discover where we have hit the target with our message and where we have missed. We need to get this information in a fast, graphic, clear format so instructors can see in an instant the level of effectiveness being attained.

Here are some suggestions for consideration:

1)   Training must be part of every team members function and for this to happen and have full participation both the employer and employee must be contributing subject matter material.

2)   The training information and review system should be accessible and function from one (device) screen, so the user is not skipping about the internet connecting to a variety of sites and tools.

3)   In today’s world, the materials and review function needs to be accessible to all participants via multiple devices 24/7; desktop, laptop and/or mobile device be it a business or personal devices.

4)   Feedback for the participant must be as readily available as it is for the instructors and managers when possible and not sensitive to security considerations or performance assessment.

5)   The training materials and results data must be updated automatically in real time; it must be a live and dynamic tool.

6)   All relative training results data must be available to provide verification to appropriate bodies to comply with governances.

We would love to hear your thoughts or provide further views.

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