It’s Time for a Data Diet

You are in your car, the traffic is terrible so you decide to take a quick second and call home since you are standing still or something far too close to it. You will of course do this with a hands free device, perhaps running through your radio… and thinking to yourself just how cool that is. But you begin to notice the road you are on is not the only congested relative space affecting you.

You have voice activated a call and hear it dial. Then… nothing… You look to the screen, yep, the phone is dialing… and dialing… still dialing! This seems to be taking a very long time… but wait, there you go, now it is calling….  and calling… followed by more calling. You have just hit 28 seconds and no call yet. It is suddenly 40 seconds. This is not a very long time and in particular in comparison to your drive time, seeing as you haven’t travelled 40 feet in your vehicle yet either.

What we have here… is failure to communicate! That never ending telecom bandwidth we have been using is suddenly becoming like all the other resources we humans’ blast through. It is evaporating before our eyes… and ears.

You see, almost every vehicle is attempting the same thing or a variation thereof using the electronic communication ethos. Look around; that jerk to your side is texting… the twit behind… losing a game of some kind. Hey that person in front is taking an online test…? What’s with that?

So now what… our dynamic increased productivity… yes both personal and business is slipping down! Just when we were getting used to it and really producing like crazy, this must mean the very end of existence.

Perhaps it just means two things, we will have to be more organized… and shouldn’t we be experts in this anyway and… the technologies we run will have to drop some weight! Yes that’s right, trim down. An electronic diet so to speak. We need to find methods of reducing how etools are transmitted in order to save data space… it is necessary. If not, we will be all back with landlines and home phones. Okay, I started hyper ventilating there for a moment. But smart phones are fat phones… ideal for and sucking up bandwidth for data (games, pics, video and the ever growing linked and forwarded postings on the ever growing hub of social network sites/tools) to the point where we should consider stop calling them phones… they’re computers and talking is just a feature.

In his January 2012 blog, Timo Ketonen, updated the following information; ‘Nearly a billion people now use mobile broadband across the globe’ as reported in The Guardian, January 26th, 2012 and it was noted that Ericsson estimated it to hit 1.4 B by… end of 2012.

The fact remains that telecommunications companies know their money comes from moving data, not voice. And when supply diminishes, well we know what happens to price. So as usage increases, application compression will become King (Queen… President… you get the idea), so start paying attention. Think of your internet handheld computer device that can make phone calls and usage like driving a vehicle, are you in an extended SUV pulling a trailer up a hill or in a Smart Car… (pun intended, but it must be stated we have no connection to the manufacturer of the Smart Car…)? Because the cost to do so is about to matter.

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