The Deserted Island Device Debate – 2012-13

Which device is the best to engage and experience the resource that is the Internet with its Social Networks and communications capabilities? Well the truth is, each one provides certain unique advantages over the others… depending on usage requirements and locations. Many of us have or will have most if not all of the electronic devices that link, communicate, compute and connect. Now let’s play ‘What if’.

Of the desktop, the laptop, the smart phone, the tablet (regular, mini and…. Nano version, can that be far behind?), which one device would you want to have if left on a desert island that for the sake of this scenario had power… so the mini-fridge worked and you could charge your device and access the internet using your only neighbour, the satellite tower. And get this I’ll include an additional big screen monitor…. as in really big. So, what is the device you select?

Oh, and one other thing. No extra accessories like a keyboard… you use only what the device comes with. Many of you may be irked with this rule,but its only fair if we are to engage this ‘what if’ scenario. And you will notice there are no game devices on the list because they aren’t really communication devices…yet.

Now for those of you who can program and would want to create some great technology to enhance your stay on the island, lets say like a security system against island intruders, you will likely lean toward the desktop, which with the second monitor would make the process easier. Some financial, medical, engineering, production and other professionals might also lean towards a desktop because of the functional advantage of dual screen use. For the desktop leaning people you would have to build a table… and find or create something to be a chair…. no hammock use or beach sitting here. And you will need to put up a tent for when it rains.

The laptop gives desktop computing equality with mobility so the beach and hammock are in play!  Okay there are some power and speed differences but really… unless you are building a rocket… come on, YOU CAN BE ON A BEACH!!!! Screen size and clarity are excellent, you have a decent keyboard and being wallplug-free for periods of time make it in my view a device that continues to be useful for the long term.

The tablet is not yet a full computer (as of the end of 2012) but how far away is that… (2013)? Keyboards, sorry… not there yet. If you type a lot they are ‘ugh’. Though more convenient to carry and often easier to navigate and control, they have the advantage (disadvantage?) of touch screen. Screen size might be an issue for some depending on what the use of the moment is.

For the (smart) phone – don’t care which one – screen size is the issue. Yes its okay some of the time… but seriously, you want to watch the championship or James Bond… on a phone!

However the big thing about the phone, is that it is in fact, a phone. And works well for that purpose, like on the island you will want to order pizza, what’s a desert island without pizza delivery. The voice is the oldest, fastest and properly used, the most efficient method to communicate.

The advancement of voice recognition and user development of dictation skills will change the landscape for all devices… because really if you can just say it… and of course the great thing is that the device will have to listen, unlike some people we may attempt to communicate with! (I shall say no more.) Maybe it’s just me, but its still faster and more effective to type. Siri or Suishi or… these feminine techno clones that know too much about you, still need to improve so in a noisy restaurant the order from the next table does not end up in your text message or lead to some off topic web search. And the process of writing (typing the word) is supposed to help in crafting the thought… with the exception of tweeting it seems.

So we have a variety of uses and a variety of features… but which one is the must have…? which is the ‘can live without’?  And what is the must have ranking, top to bottom?

State your case.

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