Employee Engagement… is a lot like any Engagement

No matter what type of engagement you enter into there are always a few common threads. In order for it to go well, it requires preparation, planning and execution. It is not done haphazardly. It is not done on the spur of the moment. The commitment to success brings with it the commitment to effort and energy. 

Anyone with any business experience understands that presentations, meetings and training sessions require the commitment to success. Anyone seeking to establish a new relationship understands that initiating contact, communicating benefits, listening to feedback and demonstrating value requires the commitment to success. 

So for new opportunities and for new relationships our commitment to the efforts and energy to attain success becomes an automatic reflex. For some reason we do not always have this understanding for the relationships we have currently established. It is puzzling that we take things we have for granted, we take people for granted and we take relationships for granted.

This is not so good when the relationship is with our partner. And if we have a good partner, they point out rather quickly that they are feeling ignored, or worse, taken for granted. What are employees if not our partners? However in the case of employees they are far less likely to speak up for a variety of reasons that include office politics, organizational structure, the environmental culture and the shear courage necessary to ‘raise your hand.’

When starting a new relationship, we must demonstrate that we care, that caring benefits those with which we wish to begin this new partnership. Yet in actual fact far less effort and energy is required to maintain and keep strong those relationships we have in place… if we are listening and responding when they communicate. And this is where the ‘taking for granted’ eventually comes back to bite us.

Nothing says you are appreciated more than spending time to hear and respond in a personal relationship. It tells the other party they are valued. In a business and employment relationships’, educating is often time one of the most valued contributions that can be made. Nothing says you are appreciated more than spending time (and money) to train and develop the abilities of those with which you are engaged with in business.

And like any relationship that attention needs to be continuous. So, your commitment to train and develop your employees says to them, you care and wish to invest in them and wish to partner in success.

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