Why is Employment Engagement Important; Stability

What motivates individuals to work for one organization…? Why do people leave organizations? Why do they stay when things get tough, when stress mounts and tensions rise?

Let me suggest that the key reason is not money, but the feeling one is valued. The feeling your work is appreciated. The sense you are a member of something. The idea your efforts contribute to the benefit of others. And more and more people, in particular young people want to do something that gives them more than just money. Not to say money is not the major driver for most people… but when good people are recognized, say in an industry and not just within a certain organization then they have the option to consider the intangibles that come into play after the dollars and cents are added up. They seek to align themselves with a corporate culture in agreement with their values.

I would not be so naive to suggest that some are not solely motivated by the dollar sign, the greed factor. One need only open or view the latest news to find tales of total self-service. It has always been so, and will remain thus. But such opportunities are limited or outside the legal lines of play. The costs of those successes often higher than realized, the drive to achieve them rooted in a function of the ego and a view that success, recognition and appreciation are measured by wealth.

Let us leave the philosophy, psychology and behavioural considerations aside. Most people work to attain financial security, personal control and well-being. Most people, realized or not, have an income ceiling or index their working life will offer. By working smart you can maximize the fruits of your working efforts to be sure, however there are reasons why the number of truly wealthy individuals in the world is a very small portion of the total working population.

Not long after beginning a working career one must decide how far up the economic ladder they seek and feel they need to attain and what price they are prepared to rise. Such opportunities require skill, ability, knowledge but also connection and a touch of luck. I am a believer that hard work is however a mandatory cornerstone.

Whatever level one seeks along the way most wish to be valued and contribute in a meaningful way. Individuals seek to grow and develop. The organizations that can provide this have leverage on attaining the best talent. Incorporating training and development into yearly targets is not a small task, which is why our QuizzPoint online software can be a beneficial resource. It makes the development challenge, less challenging.

With QuizzPoint, clients have a hands free, fully managed training and employee development solution. It is used to assist with H&S training (WHIMIS, Fall Protection, Height Safety, etc.), harassment awareness & policies, best-practices programs and employee indoctrination. Contact us for a test drive.


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