Employee Retention – Keeping Your Team

You have invested a great deal of time, energy and money to find your employees… are you doing enough to keep them? Do you know what they want from their career? Do you know what they want in the future? Who among them is/are your next wave of supervisors, managers, leaders? What are your employee retention strategies?

If you haven’t considered any of this as you pilot your business to the calendar end of year here is some eye opening news, from one of the largest employment, staffing, recruiting companies; Manpower. A recent study revealed over 83% of workers who participated in an online poll stated they would actively investigate and seek a new position in 2014. Now let this sink in for a moment. It seems to be simply too outrageous.

In fact lets assume that for some reason we cut the number in half… it is still 42%. So what would be an almost 50% employee turnover do to your organization? As a technology development company, candidly we utilize contract professionals on a regular basis… nonetheless I almost spit up my coffee as I came across the report. As business owners, operators, executives, management… just what do we do in the face of such information. Even if we cut the number in half again, to 21% potential turn over, it would be a virtual tidal wave. And whatever it is we should be doing, we had better start doing it this moment… And Oh, what are the sandbags (strategies) we need to employee (excuse the term)?

‘Employee dissatisfaction has a ripple effect’, noted Scott Ahlstrand global practice leader. The statement is so obvious I could not understand why I fixated on it for several moments. When we run businesses, we are busy… running businesses. The employees we have attained are monitored for performance, but how well do we listen and see the other factors that impact that performance. Do we address employees sense of contribution well enough as managers?

Lets leave aside workplace culture and environment for the moment. Lets focus on our focus on our employees themselves. One of the more recent terms used is employee engagement but what does this actually mean and from whose perspective is it taken? If you are intent on keeping your people and not just a select few but those contributors who keep the wheels turning daily, then it must be from their perspective.

Perhaps people who took this survey where just venting, but it speaks rather perhaps to a mood. Employees are looking for an employer who will invest in them as part of their business practices. Engagement in one definition means intension to marry. Maybe that is what employees are looking for, a long term, two way relationship.

Employee development needs to be an ongoing component of best practices. The investment in employee training and development on a continuing basis, helps vest the employee and link their improvement to the organization. Employee development becomes employee retention.

 (Survey source – Right Management, talent & career management / Manpower Group, Oct – Nov 2013. 900 participants contributed across North America)

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