Employee Development – The QuizzPoint Story

        The core of the QuizzPoint management team first came together in a business (Bright Lights – Big Picture) that created multimedia, software tools, ecommerce function, and corporate presentation solutions to North American organizations including Fortune 500 companies. Several in the group had performance training expertise and this became an additional consulting service provided to customers, providing employee development and training.

         In an effort to do the most effective job we could for clients with training and education projects, while at the same time making our execution as simplified as we could make it for ourselves, what is now the back end and database structure of QuizzPoint was first developed. As new customers saw the reporting and administrative functions we could bring them, new features were added based upon their input.

         The QuizzPoint interface was then tailored to enhance not only functionality but provide a more dynamic architecture structure with increased control. This allowed us to provide graphic representations of information that allowed clients to make almost instant assessments of our training initiatives.

         In order to speed our customer service to clients, email and communication utility was added to distribute the data, test results, test reports and link to the training participants and client managers. The next logical step was to allow the training participants to have access to their performance results at the appropriate time via our framework. Soon we were able to do this in real time. Back when we first did this, prior to Cloud tools we referred to this as a virtual platform… and spent a great deal of time explaining to customers just what that was. Thanks to iTunes this concept is now almost universally accepted… but back then there was a lot of ‘where exactly is it and is it safe and will it disappear when we don’t want that to happen…etc, etc..’

         Then came the ability for some of our customers to create their own content and just use our tool. To assist with this request the software was configured to distribute content and later to link to content. This meant our customers could produce their own PowerPoint presentations, use PDF files, create their own training videos and finally access and link to public domain content that resided on the internet; Again a bit of an unusual concept prior to YouTube. But customer began to ask for this ability more and more frequently.

         After several internal conversations the business model for what is now QuizzPoint, a stand alone tool for organizations to use from the cloud to educate, train, track, verify and administer came to the fore. We had the very good fortune of having customers from our consulting business assist with not only the development, but provide the proof of concept with many of the project we were retained to deliver. The software was used under short period heavy load requirements, mid and longer term mid load requirements with peak periods (think exam week) and longer term and continual user volume requirements.

         QuizzPoint was rolled out in a soft launch business model in 2010 as the former business was begun to be wound down. Today, we use our expertise to assist customers create valuable education and training structures.

         QuizzPoint recently was given a new business face to help visitors to link directly to information that would help them with their particular objectives. We help them discover ‘What their people know and don’t know, so knowledge gaps can be identified, strengths and weaknesses reviewed and improved strategies and methods incorporated to improve efficiencies of teams, groups, companies and organizations. We look forward to assisting organizations improve their performance with the use of training and education.


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